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"Alchemy Unleashed: Jasmine Becket-Griffith & Friends"

The Cloudspace Gallery is proud to present the first ever gallery showing of world-renowned artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith ( Several other artists will be featured including (but not limited to) Michael Banks, Scott Barrow, Chris of robots will kill, Loretta Gonzalez, Bianca Roman-Stumpff, and Mark Gil Perez. Come out and join us again for free (21 & up) champagne and some bad-ass art!…

lots and lots of more stuff
I'm heading to Austin Texas this Sat.  Woot.  I have never been.  After that it is over to Huntsville Alabama and back home to Florida.  Wish me luck.

I made it to the west coast!  Fun times.  Sorry for the lack of art I have been doing paintings for people.  I will be better honest :)…

I have posted my Silence painting for sale.  Most of my other stuff is for sale too.  Let me know if you are interested.
So this is my first time ever using ebay.  Wish me luck.  I feel like I'm tossing my little baby out there in the great big world to either sink or swim.

Thank you so much

Bianca…;<--- my website :)  Thanks Crystel
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So I'm out of 9x12 bristol smooth paper.  It is a sad day.  A dark stain on my life.  What am I going to do?!?!
Life will end as I know it.  Light fading...

On another note, I'm selling some of my small 6x6 paintings to pay for the Bianca-needs-larger-bristol-smooth fund.  If you see something you like, send me a note.  I might still have it for sale.  Most of my small paintings run for $60 and come with a mat for framing and include shipping in the US.  You know you want one.. Ehh.. prod prod.

I guess this is a sign to work on my paintings on canvas soon.  But they just take so long to finish.
So I love this small paper I've found.  Thank you Crystel for keeping me supplied.  I want to start working on at least one a day, or 3 a week.  So far I've been doing alright.  I'm not sure what else to paint and I want some random ideas.  Let me know what you think, I could use the help.
So far everything is 6x6 or 5x7.  I need some more 5x7 soon because I can see the end of that stack.

Thanks again
I've posted some of my paintings on etsy to sell as prints.  Also some of the originals are available upon request.  Mostly everything will come matted with your choice of colors.

enjoy and go check it out
Thanks a ton

So I got a projector.  You know what that means don't you?!?!?  Now I can start painting my doodles LARGE SCALE!!
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Does anyone want to trade some drawings?  I want to do a swap with someone.  Let me know if you do.  I'll pick one, or two people and go for it.


That should give me something to do at work today.

And we all know what that means.  I can post my work as soon as it is done.
There it is, sitting there, wanting to get hooked up to my computer.  He is glad to be here, and I am so thrilled that I have him.  I see that this is going to be a wonderful relationship.  I love my new scanner.  He will be amazing.  I will call him Sorbet because I can.
So my birthday was a few days ago.  I did a drawing for it but I'm lazy and didn't finish it.

so yet again I turn around and I'm falling deeper into adulthood.  She just keeps on creeping up on me.

Well, I just felt like sharing.
So I wanted to get a computer.  When I moved I couldn't exactly steal my mothers.  I started looking and then my amazing friend Crystel decided to give me her tower.  I was all excited.  So then I get a mouse from Tim, a keyboard from Kaelen and today a tablet from Andre.  So now, all I need to do is get some cables and a scanner, hook it all up and I'm set to move into the digital art world.  I just wanted to share my giddiness with everyone. :)  I don't think you understand how happy I am about all this. I owe everyone food, its a shame I can't cook to save my life.  So it is going to be grilled cheese as far as the eye can see.
So she decided to come back around for another visit.. Everything is wet, everything is starting to flood.  She is one evil swirling rain mass.  I guess she got tired of floating around and wants to hang out for antoher day.  I hate her.  But so far everything is alright here.  Still have dry floors and power.  I can't ask for more I guess.  Just another garbage day full of garbage weather that I have to go to work in.  I have no idea who wants to buy a TV today but hey, if they want to pay me why not.

So nothing happened.  Just a bunch of swirling clouds, some sideways rain and a tiny bit of wind.  I'm glad she decided to be a dull bit o' fluff.
I got a new-for-me-old-for-Crystel computer that I havent hooked up yet.  Once I do, and get a scanner and tablet I will be a drawing, scanning fool. :evillaugh:

well, work is not closed today so I'm off.
You guys enjoy
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My father along with many others were honored this past weekend at the National Ems memorial service.  It was a bittersweet meeting of all the families and other EMS and Firefighter brothers and sisters.  Next year I might do the 600mile bike ride from New York.  I'm also going to create the logo for 2009.  Everyone was wonderful and the show of support was like nothing I have ever seen.  It was amazing.

I have to finish a painting for Lifeguard Alaska so I can give it to them on the 2nd.  I'm going to try to finish it today.

Much love and I will try to post all the drawings I did while I was there.
sorry guys.  I still don't have a scanner and no way to post anything.  I will try to get one soon.  I started two new drawings yesterday and I'm almost finished moving my stuff over to the new place.  I still have to move my bike.  I miss riding it to work.  

After I finish these I will hunt someone down who will let me use their scanner to post.  I miss drawing.

Much love
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I don't know about you but did everyone elses icon just change???  How exactly do we fix this?
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and now its cold again.

So I'm going to try to screen print some of my drawings today.  My friend Mike is going to teach me.  Any special requests out of the ones that I posted?  I'm not sure how many I should bring today.  Wish me luck.

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